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Ashworth Middle School

Mission and Vision

Mission:  To positively impact the lives of our students and community daily.

Vision: To continuously pursue excellence through innovation and collaboration as we equip students for success in high school and beyond.


The faculty and staff at Ashworth Middle School are committed to our mission and vision based upon the following beliefs:


Respect: We believe every student deserves to be loved and respected.

Character: We believe in modeling responsibility and good character.  We believe in building the character of our students so they can make wise decisions and positively impact those around them through intentional acts of kindness and service.

Safe Environment: We believe in providing our students with a safe school where they can actively take part in an engaging learning experience.

Meaningful Relationships: We believe the personal attention we provide our stakeholders will help in the developmental process of our students and will positively impact our community.

High Expectations: We believe all students can learn and achieve.  We believe they all have their own gifts and talents.  We will help guide them through school as they strive to succeed academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.

Forward thinking: Intentional designing and innovation will guide our daily work.  We believe in having a purpose with every decision we make and we will continuously look at ways to improve upon the work we do every day.