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This course allows the art student to become more familiar with the language, tools and procedures of creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional art in various media.


Student learning objectives:  Georgia Performance Standards:  Available at


Understanding and applying media, techniques and processes

Using knowledge of structures and functions

Choosing and evaluating a range of subject matter, symbols and ideas

Understanding the visual arts in relation to history and cultures

Reflecting upon and assessing the characteristics and merits of their work and the work of others

Making connections between visual arts and other disciplines 


Course Policies:


A- Always bring interactive notebook and agenda

R- Respect yourself, others and the art/room supplies

T- Try your best and have a positive attitude about your work and the work of others


A daily participation grade will be taken.  It is important that all students complete all assignments.  Work must be handed in on time.  Points will be deducted for late assignments.  Students are expected to come to class on time and begin working as quickly as possible.  Any materials issued to the students are for use in the classroom and must be returned in good condition.  Clean up time is provided each day and is to be used quickly and quietly to put all materials back in to their designated areas.