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7th Grade English Language Arts

Ashworth Middle School 2017-2018 Syllabus

Instructor Information:

Mrs. Jill Peacock

Phone: 706-625-9545


Planning Period: 8:45 to 10:09am


Class Curriculum:

The following standards/skills will be taught throughout the year.  Students and parents are encouraged to go to to see the 7th grade ELA Georgia Standards of Excellence in their entirety.

          Use oral and written language, media, and technology for expressive, informational, argumentative, critical, and literary purposes

          Discuss and analyze compelling literary and informational texts

          Constructively critique their writing and the writing of their peers

          Use descriptive words and complex sentences in a variety of writing genres

          Proof their own writing and edit to conform to basic conventions of Standard English

          Participate in oral presentations and dramatic interpretations for various audiences

          Analyze the effects of media images, text, and sound on viewers


Grading Scale:

60% - Daily Work and Quizzes

5 % -   Homework (including Reading Log)

35% - Tests, Projects, and Final Writings


Parents can see assignments for all classes by using our online system. Please call or visit the front office for more information.


Student Expectations & Procedures:

Every student is expected to be present in class, prepared with materials, and ready to learn. Students will follow all classroom rules and procedures as required by the teacher, Ashworth Middle School, and the Gordon County School District.



Please see the AMS agenda regarding the school attendance policy. I expect my students to remind me that they were out and to ask me about missing work.  Everyone will help keep each other on track in class.


Missing Work:

For assignments turned in late, points will be deducted after the due date. It is the student’s responsibility to ask about missing work and we will get it done as soon as possible.



In addition to the school-issued iPad, students will be required to bring:

·         Paper and pencil

·         One 3-ring binder

·         One composition notebook (college ruled)

·         AMS Agenda


The students will not be issued their own copies of textbooks.



Independent Reading

Students are expected to be engaged in reading novels of their choice throughout the school year.  Students are provided with information regarding their independent reading level (Lexile) and are encouraged to select books within the range of that level.  Students may choose novels from an online e-reader library, school library, public library, or within the ELA class library. Students will be expected to read their novels outside of class for a total of 40 minutes per week.  Students will log reading for a homework grade and complete various brief assignments with the text.  Students can also earn positive rewards for regular completion of homework. At the end of the 1st and the 2nd semester, students will complete a project about their chosen novels. These two projects serve as test grades and will be due on December 8th and May 4th


Curriculum Schedule:

Note: This framework is merely a guide and is subject to change in order to accommodate class and individual needs.  The curriculum will merge both literary and informational reading, as well as narrative, argument, and informational writing, throughout each nine week grading period. 


·         Reading and Writing Realistic Fiction

Students will focus on analyzing story elements, poetry and drama, differing viewpoints, and comparing and contrasting multiple works through reading excerpts from the novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton and other short stories. Students will also write their own realistic fiction story.

·         Reading and Writing Argumentative Texts

Students will focus on understanding and implementing elements of effective argument and persuasion. Students will read informational text and construct an argumentative essay on a given topic based on research they conduct as a class and individually.


·         Reading and Writing Informational Texts

Students will focus on nonfiction informative/explanatory writing as students read excerpts of the biography Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand and other complimentary nonfiction texts. As students read, they will research, analyze and write about WW2 topics.


·         Reading and Responding to Science Fiction

Students will focus the Science Fiction literary genre. Students will read excerpts from the dystopian text The Giver by Lois Lowry, discuss it as a class, and respond individually through journaling.






For Students:

I have read the class syllabus with my instructor and agree to abide by these guidelines, rules, and expectations in the classroom.



Student Signature                                                                                                                               Date



For Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

I have read the class contract with my student and agree to my child following the guidelines and meeting the expectations outlined in the syllabus.



Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                                                            Date