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Kasey Wilson Staff Photo


8th Grade English/Language Arts

2017-2018 Syllabus

Teacher: Mrs. Kasey Wilson

Planning Hours: 1:46 – 3:10 pm

 8th Grade ELA Curriculum:

The following standards/skills will be taught throughout the year. Students/parents are welcome and encouraged to go to to see the 8th grade ELA standards in their entirety.


· Two composition notebooks. These are mandatory for JUST ELA.

· Pencils and/or Pens (blue or black only) and notebook paper

· 1 pack of any color copy paper

· Highlighters

· Good Attitude

**Donations of tissues, Germ-X, colored pencils, markers, construction paper, and index cards will be appreciated, as we will use these often during class projects.

**Students are expected to have all materials with them DAILY.

Grading Scale:

Classwork, Homework, and Quizzes = 45%

Tests/Major Projects = 45%

Book Responses=10%

**Grades are updated on a weekly basis. Parents can see assignments/grades for your child in ALL classes by using our online system. Please call or visit the front office for more information!

Class Website: You can monitor our class news through the school’s website at


Occasionally there will be assignments that we begin in class that will need to be finished at home. Homework in this class is not assigned very often, so when homework is given it means that it is absolutely essential that the assignment be completed for the sake of students’ success in the next day’s class. Students are encouraged to write their assignments down daily. Assignments will also be posted in the classroom.


Please see the AMS agenda regarding the school attendance policy. It is the student’s responsibility to request/pick up make-up work when absent. Students will have 3 days to complete makeup work for each excused absence.

Written Classwork:

1 All work must be neat and legible. If we can’t read it, then we can’t grade it.

2 All papers must include first and last name.

Classroom Expectations:

1 Come to class prepared every day. This includes doing your best.

2 Have your AMS agenda with you daily. Hall passes are in the agenda. You may not use someone else’s agenda.

3 Be respectful to each other and to yourself.

4 Follow all school rules.

5 We are here to learn and to have a good time as a classroom community. Anything that interferes with learning will not be tolerated.

Contact Information:

Any parent/guardian who needs to discuss a student’s progress is encouraged to do so. I can be reached through school email at (this is the best way to contact me) or you may leave either

of us a message at school: 706-625-9545. I may not be able to call you back immediately, but you WILL receive a phone call back. With this in mind, please leave a phone number where we can reach you during the day and then in the evening. Also, please include in your message the student’s full name.

Remind 101: Wilson’s ELA classes will have the opportunity to enroll in Remind 101. Remind 101 is a great way to stay aware of when your child has assignments due. You can chose to either receive a text message or an email reminding you of an upcoming assignment. There are instructions attached to the back of this syllabus.