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General Information About ELA 

General Information About Our ELA Class

We begin the year reading and writing about realistic fiction, using The Outsiders as a mentor text. We will mix in informational passages along with poetry and short stories with the same theme or topic.  We will also focus on writing scenes and the proper use of grammar in our writing. 

We will then read parts of Unbroken, a nonfiction biography.  We will continue to intertwine fiction, poetry, and short stories with the same theme or topic.  We will focus on research-based essays (argumentative writing).  We may also venture back to writing realistic fiction scenes.  

We will end the year with fantasy and The Giver.  We will continue with intertwining all the standards for 7th grade. 

Homework:  Homework will be given on Monday and due on Friday.  It will be a packet of reading passages with multiple choice and short response along with a grammar practice.  We will review the packet in class on Fridays and go over strategies and review standards.  NO late homework will be excepted and zeros will be given on Friday to anyone who did not complete their packet.

Test and quizzes:  Test and quizzes in reading will consist of "cold-read" passages (or passages that the student has not read before).  They will cover comprehension skills we have worked on in class.  Final writing pieces will be counted as a test grade as well.  Tests or quizzes will be given once a week or once every other week at the teachers discretion. 

Projects: There will be two projects a year.  One due in December and one in May.  More information will be given to students at the appropriate time.  Students need to be reading outside of class to complete these projects.

Test, quizzes, homework, and unfinished work will be written on the board or announced for students to write down dates in their agenda. Also, I have a Remind101 set up for this purpose.

When a student is absent, it is their responsibility to come to me to find out what work needs to be made up.  I will give the student two days to make up the work and turn it in before points are taken off.  Test or quizzes may need to be made up before or after school. 
This is just a guide and not a definite. Remember, I always will do what is best for my students.