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7th Grade Life Science Syllabus 2017-2018

Mrs. Robin Fox


I. Textbooks and Resources:

Students ARE issued a textbook in science class: Concepts and Challenges in Life Science. They are also expected to take their textbook home to study nightly! Students will also be issued an IPad in September to use for school related activities for the year.

We will also use a variety of other in-class resources. All content is aligned to state standards.

Georgia CRCT Coach for Science                                                             Discovery Education Streaming

 Enchanted Island, The Galapagos                                                          Brain POP

 Protists, A Kingdom of Their Own                                                          Striving Reader in class library

 Planet in Distress

Other resources used include experiments, online games and quizzes, activity pages, and outdoor exploration.

II. Life Science Course Description:  Students will receive instruction in the regular life science curriculum including end-of the-year pond study and dissection. Characteristics of Science, unifying and crosscutting STEM concepts, and science and engineering practices will be incorporated into the science curriculum. The following sequence of the curriculum follows the county pacing guide. Each area covered correlates to the Georgia Standards of Excellence for Science and the Common Core Literacy Standards for Reading and Writing:

            1. Science Process Skills                    

            2. MetricMeasurement

            3. Scientific Method

            4. Lab Safety

            5. Characteristics of Life S7L2

            6. Plants S7L1; S7L2; S7L4

            7. Ecology S7L4

            8. Cells S7L2

            9. Genetics S7L3

            10. Human Body Systems S7L2;

            11. Evolution S7L5

            12. Classification/Dichotomous Keys S7L1

Other extension activities: Dissection Labs, Field Study S7L1; S7L2; S7L4

III. Grading: 

Daily grades (class work, 20%; homework, 10%; quizzes 20%) = 50% Work will be graded for promptness, effort, and/or accuracy. Class participation is considered in daily grades. Students will keep a notebook which will be used to review for tests.

Test grades (tests, projects and major labs) = 40% Students may have an individual project assigned during a nine weeks period. Some minor labs/activities may count as a quiz or classwork grade.

9 weeks exam or project - 10%

IV. Supplies:  Students will need a ½” - 1” 3-ring notebook, loose-leaf paper, and pencils. Students should bring these items and their agenda to class EVERY day. Students are expected to record the homework assignment each day. Colored pencils, rulers, and index cards will also be used during the year. Limited class sets are available.

IMPORTANT: Students will need to pay a $5.00 lab fee this year to purchase lab materials to be used in this science class. This will go to purchase items such as owl pellets, earthworms, microscope slides, lab equipment, etc. the students will use in the classroom. Please send correct change or a check written to Ashworth Middle School with your child for this. Have your child to turn the money in to his or her SCIENCE teacher, not homeroom teacher. Thanks so much.

V. Homework: 

All assignments are given orally and posted in class each day. Students are directed to write down these assignments in their agenda. Science assignments for the week and the science notebook table of contents are posted on my homework web page at:


VI. Makeup Work/Late Work:  When a student is absent, it is their responsibility to find out what was missed and make it up within 3 days. A makeup notebook is provided in the classroom. Students may always ask for instructions at any time. All makeup work turned in on time after an absence will receive up to full credit. Any work not made up after absences may result in zeroes, which can greatly lower a report card grade. Late work not caused by an absence may be turned in 1 day late for a late grade of up to 70%. Special circumstances will be considered when accompanied by a parent note. Turning in regular homework more than 1 day late is unacceptable. Work will not be accepted more than 1 day late, except in the case of students who have an excused absence or students with a specific directive regarding late work in a written plan of action. 

Seventh grade teachers all follow the same basic classroom procedures which will be covered in every core class.  I can be reached most days during planning time from 8:45 - 10:00 a.m. daily at 706-625-9545, ext. 4421. You may also reach me by email at Please feel free to contact me with any concerns you may have. I am anticipating a wonderful year and I sincerely thank you for allowing me to work with your child.