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Class Rules 

Class Dojo

We will be using Class Dojo this year to keep track of positive and negative behaviors.  You may download the free app and see your student’s behavior at any time.  An information sheet with parent codes will be sent home with your child’s homeroom teacher. 


Class Rules

1. Be on time.

2. Bring all materials to class. Students will not be allowed to go to lockers after class has started.

3. Respect the teacher, your peers, and yourself.

4. Keep hands and feet to yourself.

5. Do not touch anyone’s property that isn’t yours, including other student’s and the teacher’s.

6. Do not have cell phones out in class, unless instructed by the teacher to do so.



1. Verbal Warning

2. Silent Lunch

3. Parent Contact/Conference

4. 2 days Silent Lunch

4. Before/After School Detention

5. Referral to Office and/or Counselor


**For severe behavior infractions such as fighting, bullying, extreme disrespect to teachers and/or classmates, or other severe classroom disruption, the student may be directly referred to the office.