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Supply List 

IMPORTANT: Students need to pay a $5.00 lab fee this year to purchase lab materials to be used in this science class. This will go to purchase items such as owl pellets, earthworms, microscope slides, lab equipment, etc. the student will use in the classroom. Please send correct change, or a check written to Ashworth Middle School, with your child for this fee. Have your child turn money in to his or her SCIENCE teacher, not homeroom teacher.  Thank you so much. 

Students will need a ½” - 1” 3-ring notebook, loose-leaf paper, and pencils. Students should bring these items and their agenda to class EVERY day. Students are expected to record the homework assignment each day in their student planner (agenda), which was provided by the school. Colored pencils, rulers, and index cards will also be used during the year. Limited class sets are available.


If possible, please have your child put a stretchy book cover on their textbook to protect it.