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Shannon Wyatt Staff Photo

Class Schedule  

7th Grade Schedule

8:30-8:45 1st period (Homeroom)


8:45-9:27 2nd period (Connections)


9:27-10:09 3rd period (Connections)


10:09-11:43 4th period and LUNCH


11:43-12:52 5th period


12:52-2:01 6th period


2:01-3:10 7th period


Mrs. Wyatt's Schedule

8:30-8:45 1st period (Ms. Mosley's Homeroom Helper/Check on Students)


10:09-11:43 4th period (Coteach Math with Ms.Mosley)

11:05-11:35 LUNCH

11:43-12:52 5th period (Coteach Math with Ms. Mosley)

12:52-2:01 6th period (Coteach Math with Ms. Mosley)

2:01-3:05 (Planning)

3:05-4:00 Release students/Planning