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Class Syllabus  



Ms. Hoyle’s 6th Grade Math

 Student Syllabus 2016-2017

Welcome to 6th Grade Math!   I’m thrilled to be your math teacher and I look forward to working with each of you.  I know we are going to have an exciting, interesting, and fulfilling year together.  This is OUR classroom.  We are a team.  We must work together in order to achieve our goals.   My goals are to teach you, provide a safe, nurturing, and interesting environment, and get you to LOVE MATH.  Your goals should be to succeed in math, get along with your peers, and come to class with a positive attitude.   I have high expectations for all of you.  I KNOW we are going to have a fantastic year together! 

I have an open door policy for all of you.  If you’re having difficulty with a concept, I’m willing to give you extra help.  We’ll try different approaches to help you master the material.  All you have to do is ask.  Your parents can contact me with questions or concerns via email at Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Expectations & Guidelines

1.      Students will conduct themselves with dignity and pride.

2.      The clock does not dismiss the class—the teacher will dismiss the class.

3.      Attendance is important. Make sure to arrive to class on time each day.  

4.      Every student will receive a progress report every nine weeks. Parents will need to sign this to be returned.

5.      Students will be required to keep a notebook of content covered in class. This notebook must be kept in the class in the specified location. I will do a “notebook check” at the end of every unit. Your folder should have the notes we have covered in class, along with any examples that were written on the board which you were told to write down. “Notebook check” grades will be recorded as a daily grade in the grade book.

6.      I will do everything I can to help all students be successful. Students must also do all they can to be successful.


1.         Each student is responsible for keeping handouts, notes, and all completed work (done in pencil) for each unit.

2.         Tests/Quizzes will be given throughout/or at the end of each unit.

3.         Each student is responsible for keeping graded papers.

4.         Students are also responsible for copying assignments in their agenda each day in class and showing it to parents.


The grading procedure for each nine-week period is as follows:



In-class   assignments, maintenance, etc.



Major   tasks, mid-chapter tests, unit tests



Expect   a quiz every 1-2 weeks



Cumulative   for the grading period


Class Participation


Class participation is necessary in order to achieve your goals. In math class this year students should:

·                     Try to be present each day.

·                     Be an active participant in class discussions.

·                     Question whenever necessary.

·                     Do your best and keep organized.

Homework Policy

A Math Warm-Up page, which is to be completed in class, will be given every Monday and due on Friday. Students will be given 3 minutes to complete one-two questions at the beginning of every class period. Additional homework assignments will not be given during the week. Students not turning in the Math Warm-Up page on time will receive a “Not Prepared” mark in their behavior log.


1.  ARRIVE ON TIME & BE PREPARED:  Bring all necessary materials to class. Student must be seated and prepared to start in 2 minutes or less.  Students must bring two pencils.

2.  WORK TO YOUR POTENTIAL:  Upon entering the classroom, students are to immediately get necessary materials and begin opening activities.

3.  RESPECT WILL BE EXPECTED AS WELL AS GIVEN:  Listen carefully when the teacher or a student is speaking.  No “fighting”, name calling, bothering, and so on.  Don’t exclude anyone from an activity.  Have tolerance for students’ opinions that differ from your own.  Never make fun of a student in any way.

4.  ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN LEARNING:  You’ll be learning many new concepts.  It’s up to you to master them.  I do not “give” grades, you will be earning them.