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Rebecca Tatum Staff Photo

Syllabus & Contact Info.



6th Grade Language Arts/Reading

Ms. Rebecca Tatum

The main goals of the sixth grade Language Arts/Reading program are to give students the opportunity to explore literature from various genres, deepen their understanding of the English language, and develop their unique style and voice through writing.  A variety of activities will be utilized to involve students in listening, speaking, writing, reading, spelling, and vocabulary.  Students will be given opportunities to read novels and short stories, write essays and stories of their own, and study grammatical mechanics to apply to their reading, writing, and speech.   


Notebook – 3-ring binder (1.5 inch recommended)

2 Composition Notebooks (NO spiral notebooks)



Colored Pencils



Ashworth Student Calendar/Discipline Log

Good Attitude

Something to Read when you finish work early


**Students are expected to have all materials with them DAILY.


Grading Scale:

Daily (classwork, HW, participation) =  25%

Quizzes =   25%

Tests/Projects/Final Writing Pieces =  40%

Benchmark Exam = 10%


Unfinished Class Work:

Usually class work that is not finished becomes homework.  There will also be special projects that will need to be completed at home.  We encourage parents and students to monitor our website for homework and class information.  Students are encouraged to write their assignments in their agendas daily.  Assignments will also be posted on classroom whiteboards.


Please see the AMS student handbook regarding the school attendance policy.  It is the student’s responsibility to request make-up work when absent.  Students will have 3 days to complete makeup work for each excused absence. 

Written Classwork:

  • All work must be neat and legible.  If I can’t read it, then I can’t grade it.
  • All papers must include first and last name, date of assignment, and the class period.


At various times during the year, students may be issued trade books (novels) or textbooks for use in class or at home. Students are also responsible for keeping up with these books. Students will be expected to pay for any damaged or lost books.

Classroom Expectations:

  • Come to class prepared every day.  This includes doing your best.
  • Have your AMS student calendar and discipline log.
  • Be respectful to each other and to yourself.
  • Follow all school rules.
  • We are here to learn and have a good time.  Anything that interferes with learning will not be tolerated.

Contact Information:

Any parent/guardian who needs to discuss a student’s progress is encouraged to do so.  I can be reached through school emails at, or you may leave a voicemail message at school - 706-625-9545.