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Student Growth Model  

Understanding the Student Growth Report (Video - English)


Understanding the Student Growth Report (Video -Spanish)


Sample End of Grade Report


Sample End of Course Report (8th Alg. 1 students only)


Homework for 7th grade ELA students is to read 80 minutes outside of class per week and log to demonstrate comprehension.   This reading will help students prepare for their December and May Book Projects.  Each Reading Log entry needs to be verified by a parent (signature).  Reading Logs are provided to students on Friday and completed and turned in for a grade on the following Friday.  Students will be taken to the library every-other-week, usually on Fridays, to check out a book at or near their own independent reading level (Lexile).  While the log's format may change slightly throughout the year, below is a general format:

Homework Reading and Response Log

Name:  _____________________________________________   Week of: __________________

Title of Book: _____________________  Author: _____________________  Lexile: ___________

Parent Verification of Weekly Out-of-Class Reading


Pages Read  _________________________

Minutes Read _________________________

PARENT SIGN:  _______________________


Complete ONE of the below (an inference you made about a word meaning OR a question you had while reading)


Inferred Meaning


Sentence with Pg. Number




















Complete BOTH of the below (a visualization you had while reading this week AND a summary of this week’s reading)


Write to describe something you saw in your mind while reading.

Text Excerpt and Pg. Number

What prompted the visualization?








Summary of This Week’s Reading