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Student Growth Reports  

Parents: Student Growth Reports are coming! What are they?  Check out these resources.


Understanding the Student Growth Report (Video - English)


Understanding the Student Growth Report (Video -Spanish)


Sample End of Grade Report

Classroom Procedures  


Be in class, in your assigned seat, quietly working on the warm up ON TIME.

Bring all materials to class everyday.

Be respectful to everyone.

Stay on task and stay seated unless you have permission to get up.

Follow all directions the very first time.

Keeps your hands, feet and objects to yourself.

ASK QUESTIONS! You are responsible for helping yourself to learn.

Contact information for Mrs. Fox  

The best time to contact me is between 8:45 and 10:00 a.m. during our 7th grade planning time. I often do have meetings, but you may also contact me via email at . In addition, you may leave a voice mail message at Ashworth Middle School at 625-9545, extension 4421. I reply to emails and phone calls daily after school. 

Homework for my science classes may be found at the assignments link page of this website.

Contact Information:

Robin Fox

7th Grade Science

706-625-9545, extension 4421

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