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Joe  Naymick
Career Development
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I received my B.S Degree in Business Administration Management from West Liberty State College (Now West Liberty University) in 1989.  

I earned my Masters Degree in Education Leadership from Kennesaw State University in 2009. 

I completed an intensive two year program called PAGE Teacher Academy last year.  It was a progressive academy that gave teachers an opportunity to explore new resources and avenues to present engaging lessons to our students.  I will continued this program by completing PAGE Teacher Leader Academy this year, which gave me excellent hands on skills to advance my leadership experiences. 


Before becoming a teacher, I was a Director of Rules and Competitions for the Florida State Golf Association in Sarasota, FL.  I conducted golf tournaments for the PGA, USGA and the FSGA throughout the southeast.  As an instructor for the Junior Golf Program, I found that teaching was a calling for me and decided to embark on the career that had called me for so long.  So, I entered the TAPP program (Teaching Alternative Preparation Program) and became a certified teacher.  Now ten years later, I am setting my goals to become an administrator so I can extend my leadership beyond the classroom and take it to an entire school. 



I invite all parents and guardians to visit my classroom any time just as long as you check in at the front office.  If you need to contact me, please feel free to use the following contact points:




Phone - (706) 625-9545


email -



Born and raised in a blue collar town just outside Pittsburgh, PA, I was raised to honor and respect the 3 P's:  Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh Penguins!!!!!!  I love sports and the great outdoors.  I went to West Virginia University to play golf, but after one year, Title 9 forced the college to drop the golf program.  I transferred to West Liberty State College and finished my collegiate golf career and studies.  I am still a Mountaineer at heart, but I still support my Hilltoppers as well.    

I have been married to my beautiful wife, Barbara, for 23 years and we are blessed to have one son Alex who attends Sonoraville High School.