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AMS Congratulates Mrs. Valerie Allen as Teacher of the Year
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Wednesday, March 14, 2018
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Mrs. Valerie Allen demonstrates excellence in her work as an ELA & Reading ESS teacher, working with all students of varied ability levels to ensure they grow in their pursuits of the curriculum standards. She consistently employs creativity to ensure all students are equipped and encouraged with the tools and confidence necessary to demonstrate their abilities. It is not uncommon to see Mrs. Allen tutoring students--both current students and those from former years--who need academic assistance or basic assistance with organization and materials management. She is also trusted by students as a source of great counsel and encouragement, often going above and beyond to ensure students' needs are met in order to support their academic success. She has been a shoulder for many students to cry upon when life overwhelms them, yet she manages to bring positivity to their lives and brighten their efforts at school.

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