School Supply List
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
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6TH GRADE          
#2 Pencils       Stylus for iPad  
Pens (No RED)       Scissors    
Four (4) Three Ring Binders (1-1.5 inches)       Four (4) Glue Sticks    
One (1) No prong pocket folder       Earbuds with microphone    
Dividers (4 sets)       Colored pencils    
One (1) plastic 3 prong folder       Erasers    
Three (3) Composition books (hard back)       WISH LIST    
Loose leaf notebook paper       Hand Sanitizer    
One pack of 3 x 5 index cards       Paper Towels  
Handheld pencil sharpeners   rpener   Kleenex           Clorax Wipes
Multi-colored highlighters       Two packs of colored copy paper    
7th GRADE          
#2 Pencils (mechanical or wood)       Pencil pouch      
Colored pencils       Glue Sticks      
Stylus pen for iPad       Scissors  
Loose leaf notebook paper       Paper Towels      
Pens (Black or Blue)              
One pack 3 x 5 index cards              
Four (4) 3 ring binder (1-1.5 inches)       WISH LIST      
Two (2) college ruled composition books (hard back)       Hand Sanitzer      
Earbuds with microphone       Kleenex      
Package of Post-It Notes              
One (1) Ruler with metric measurements              
Hand held pencil sharpeners              
8th GRADE          
#2 Pencils       Pencil pouch    
Loose leaf notebook paper       Scissors    
Colored pencils       Package of Post-it Notes    
Three (3) Composition books (hard back)       Mini stapler    
Two (2) 3 ring binders (2 inch)       construction paper    
Four (4) dividers       Stylus pen for ipad    
Handheld pencil sharpener       WISH LIST    
Highlighters (4)       Hand Sanitzer    
One (1) plastic 3 prong pocket folder       Kleenex    
Two (2) packs of fluorescent 3 x 5 index cards            
One (1) pack of basic color markers            
One pack of colored copy paper (Math not gifted students)          
Eight (8) glue sticks          
Earbuds with microphone        
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