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2013-14 Governance Council

September 10, 2013


Mr. McClanahan, school principal, called the meeting to order at 5:15 p.m. Introductions of the Governance Council Members and others in attendance. The meeting was called to order and those in attendance participated in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Mr. McClanahan shared information about information the meeting dates for the Governance Council throughout the 2013-14 School Year. He reviewed the nomination process for two new council member positions that would be elected for a two year cycle, starting this year. He also reviewed CRCT and CCRPI results from the 2013 school year (CRCT) and the 2011-12 school year (CCRPI).


Connie Van Houten, AMS Parent Engagement Specialist shared information on the following;


1.       Parent Involvement Policy

2.       District Parent Involvement Policy

3.       School-Wide Plan

4.       Student/Parent/School Compact

5.       School Improvement Plan

6.       Parent Survey

7.       How to use Title I Parent Involvement Funds


These are items for parent/guardian to review and to provide parent/guardian input. She also shared information about activities that had taken place this school year for parent/guardian involvement and upcoming events like, Standards Nights and Parent Café. The school/ school system would appreciate the input from parents/guardians on how to spend Parent Involvement Money.



Marilark Murray, AMS Assistant Principal shared information on testing that will take place at AMS over the course of the school year. She shared when the different test would be issued and the order they would be given. CRCT testing window, April 23rd thru May 1st.


Andrea Salmon, GCBE System Literacy Coach shared information on literacy. Goal for 100% of students meet/exceed on CRCT. She also shared how she would be working with teachers across curricular, and how students can be writing more. Writers Workshop is being rolled out this school year at the middle school level. A model classroom will be set up within AMS for others to come and see what’s taking place. It is a focus for not only Gordon County, but statewide. Goal, to enhance the writing skills of our students at AMS.


Lisa Pritchett, GCBE System Math Coach shared through email the following; we are emphasizing vocabulary and justification in mathematics classes.  Students are learning to use correct math words to explain how and why they are using the steps to solve problems.  Parents can help students by asking them to explain what they are doing and how it works. 

Remediation classes, are used for our students who struggle and we have Math Focus classes for each grade level to help students improve their basic skills.  Parents can help here by having students practice their multiplication tables at home.


Information was shared on our plan for Advisement/Advisors, Starting this school year, students in the 8th and 7th grades will retain their advisor(s) from the prior SY. 6th grade students will start with an 8th grade advisor, and retain them throughout their middle school years.


Gary Grubb, AMS Assistant Principal shared information on the AMS extracurricular activities taking place. Sports, Academic Bowl, Band, and clubs are just a few of the items Mr. Grubb shared information. He also shared information on the AMS Safety Plan, Fire Drills, 1st Responders, and Severe Weather Drills.


Governance Council member, Beth Buetel, shared information on what she sees from a parent(s) point-of-view, and how Car Rider Safety could be enhanced at AMS.


Meeting was adjourned, next meeting December 5, 2013.